Angler Networks Incorporated

We have clients both large and small in Edmonton and surrounding areas - if we can't fix it, we don't bill.

Who are we?
Wether you have Windows or Linux networks, we can meet your needs and demands in todays' technology.
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First consultation is free
Technology is necessary, and the most successful businesses plan their IT strategy. We can help.
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All work is guaranteed
If we make a mistake, you can't be expected to pay for it, it will be fixed on our time - Guaranteed.
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On Demand Or Managed, Your Choice

Angler Networks offers IT on demand, meaning we are there when you need us - or you can have a monthly agreement allowing us to be proactive with your network.

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Angler Networks News

Canada's Anti-Spam Law - How will it affect you?

Bill C-13 and Bill S-4 are coming, what you need to know!

References available!

But due to respecting privacy, we won't put them online. A quick phone call to us, we can give you our client contacts for you to call. They would be happy to speak with you about our services and they have been asked to be honest.

Pay for referrals!

For our current client base, we will gladly pay for referrals that lead to new clients. As a gift to you, we will do a time trade and offer hours. For anyone else, we will give $100 to anyone who recommends us that results in a new client signing up!


Owner Bio - Robert Hynes

Robert has been in IT for over 24 years and has worked in sector imaginable, and will always come up with solutions that work best for the client. He does follow standards and provides an end result that's sound and functional that will save you money in the long run. 


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